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We are not just outsourced accounting, but we are your partner: your cost effective and efficient accounting department. As your partner, Accountax will provide you with full accounting support and disclosure. Some accounting firms will work off your network. They will take all your information and house it in their servers, without giving you access to it, and then just give you the reports. This leaves you in the dark and you do not know if they are keeping up with your accounts or not. It also prevents you from having real time information about your company’s financial standing. Accountax does not do that! It is neither our philosophy nor our business model. At Accountax, we are very visible and transparent and we make sure that all our information is fully accessible to you.

When reviewing your financial statistics, the banks, media and public will want to know which accounting method you are using. Accountax applies generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). We begin this process by building relevant, accurate and complete accounting data. We build this strong system using information we gather from your primary data source, your payroll system, your bank statements, government records and more. We provide a solid structure for how you organize your financials, invoices, statements, documents and reports. Our professionals can establish the fundamental theory used to organize your financial records.

We prepare budgets, business plans, adjusting entries, analyze your costs of operations and complete colorful shareholder meeting minutes and corporate reports. Accountax can coalesce, combine and analyze key financial indicators to determine how you compare to industry averages. A solid accounting system is also necessary before you can raise certain types of capital.

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“Accountax goes above and beyond to make sure I understand everything there is to know when it comes to my business accounting. Accurate, reliable, thorough, these are the words that come to mind when I think about working with Accountax. ”



“The most painless experience I’ve ever had with an accountant. Very knowledgeable staff; was able to explain the accounting process, and showed me how to maximize profits. Every time I have a question, I receive a quick response.”



“The service we received at our first visit was excellent! The thoroughness of the accountant was greatly appreciated. We receive regular follow-ups to ensure that things are going smoothly and to answer any questions that we have. ”



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