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Tips for Finding the Right Accountant 

Looking for an accountant is not the same as looking for a plumber or a gardener. While you may trust anyone to adequately unclog your toilet or successfully mow your lawn, you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your finances. Especially with the quality of your federal return depending entirely on their knowledge and experience. When looking for an accountant, you will undeniably want to take great care, eventually settling on someone that you thoroughly trust – someone with ample professional experience, who will do their very best to maximize your refund and explain everything to you in vivid detail. While some of us will opt to do our taxes ourselves, nearly one-third of American adults seeks outside expertise come tax season. If you are one who prefers to leave financial matters up to the experts, here are several tips to help you find the best Lake Worth accountant for you.

Finding the Best Lake Worth Accountant

First of all, ask your local tax preparer for his or her PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number). The Internal Revenue Services requires that all individuals who assist with income tax preparation (for compensation) file for a PTIN. This is a good indication that things are legitimate, and the IRS will require that PTIN to be included in your return. However, receiving a PTIN is not altogether too difficult. In order to be absolutely sure that your accountant is going to provide you with quality tax preparation, ask whether or not your candidate is a credentialed preparer. These credentials will indicate that an individual has completed rigorous courses, studied tax preparation in depth, and is up-to-date on new laws and revisions. Someone with credentials may be a licensed attorney, an agent who has successfully completed the Annual Filing Season program, or – as we are – certified accountants.


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Comparing Accountant Fees

Lofty promises or fees based on the size of your alleged return may be red flags. Most credentialed accountants will charge by the hour, and the average cost of tax preparation is somewhere between $275 and $175 (depending on how many deductions you have and how complicated your filing process is). A professional accountant will also charge you hourly to handle any potential audits. Be sure to discuss fees straight away, and if anything seems suspicious or too good to be true, don’t hesitate to shop around. Finally, make sure that your accountant is willing and able to sign off on your tax return. As previously mentioned, the PTIN must be included in order for the IRS to consider the return valid. Make sure that whomever you choose is available throughout the year incase any questions or concerns arise, and remember – we are always available to handle all of your Lake Worth accountant needs.

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